Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften
Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies!

Here you will find the some helpful information concerning your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.

For general information about your stay in Düsseldorf, the application and the enrollment, please check the website of the general International Office (for all faculties):
Website General International Office

As well you will find here some useful information concerning living, acommodation and finding a health insurance:
Useful Information for your stay in Düsseldorf

Classes to choose from for your Learning Agreement:

A list of the classes taught in English at our faculty in summer 2018 as well as a description of the course content of our modules can be downloaded here:



If you have a good knowledge of German (at least B2) and you want to attend a class taught in German, please contact our office to see if this is possible. You get an overview of all the classes taught in German in the lecture directory of the university.

Information sheet on how to enroll for a class:

Here you can download an information sheet about how to sign up for the courses once you arrived in Düsseldorf:


Semester period at the University of Applied Sciences

Courses at our university take place in two different manners:

  • There are intense courses (called "Blockwochen") in the first two weeks and the last two weeks of the semester:
    Block I: 03.04. - 13.04.2018
    Block II: 16.07. - 27.07.2018

    Intense courses usually last for one of these weeks (5 days). Be aware that there can be meetings beforehand where you already have to attend in order to sign in for the attendence list!
  • There are long term courses that take place throughout the regular semester (16.04. - 13.07.2018).

The semester period of the current semester is always published on this website.