Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften
Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
Two persons completely in white material. They sit on the floor opposite. The persons hold hands and built a circle.
Änne Hahn & Stefanie Elbers

Material is hanging from the ceiling. Two persons are in it. Only feeds and a head is looking out of it.
Sara und Andreas Kritzler

Two persons and a tree which are obliged with a ribbon.
Laura Kölker & Änne Hahn

A room. You see white balloons full of helium and with thread. Fixed at this thread are pencils. They draw lines at a paper underneath.
Max Adams & Sandra Grau & Stefanie Elbers & Paulina Szupicki

Three books hanging at the wall. They are cuttet, singed, coloured...
Julia Kosslers

4 persons in costumes out of news paper. Their shadows are casted at the wall.
Linnet Oster & Julia Stürner & Gabriel Rodriguez & Gundula Völker

3 woman making a dancing performance in a centre of a wooden construction.
Anna-Lena Laurich & Dinara Quarz-Pleuger & Alexandra Siegle

One person is bending the body back. At the head is a white material.
Stefanie Elbers und Änne Hahn

black birds folded out of paper. They hang from the top. Such a lot that they built a swarm.
Paulina Szupicki & Katharina Siemens & Lisa Huckenbeck

A lot of pages of different books hanging at two walls. single words are connected with a red thread
Melanie van Huizen & Linda Längsfeld & Lina Palm

Some works to the theme figures
Paulina Szupicki

pictures on the wall
Sara Kritzler & Andreas Kritzler

children in front of two TV´s
Julia Kosslers

A sight out of a window into the nature. Some words are sticking at the window
Katharina Waterkamp

An image from a homepage. You see some paper-art.
Paulina Szupicki

transparent material is hanging from the ceiling. On it is a text written with hand
Laura Kölker & Änne Hahn