Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften
Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies


Talia Vela-Eiden is lecturer in the Master of Empowerment Studies (MES) at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies. Previously, she taught at the joint Double Degree Master in Development of the Hochschule Düsseldorf and the University of Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana, and at the Bachelor and Diplom levels. She also supervises MA theses at the Faculty.

Talia holds a Dr.phil. in Political Science from the University of Bonn and a MA in Politics of Development from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) now part of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Previously, she studied law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and is a qualified barrister and solicitor in Perú.

Her research interest concerns theories of development, participatory approaches, including empowerment strategies and resolution of conflicts for communities affected by conflicts caused by extractive industries, and last, but not least, alternatives to development. ​​In particular, she focuses on community development from alternative perspectives, working as a consultant with civil society organizations and government bodies around the world.

She is a member of the Law and Development Research Network, the Informationsstelle Peru, the Kampagne "Bergwerk Peru - Reichtum geht, Armut bleibt" and the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Lima (Lima Bar Association). Since 2021 she is also a member of the Consultative Council of EDERA PUCP for a two-year period.


Subjects: Politikwissenschaften
Research subjects: Entwicklungspolitik
Capacities: Lehrbeauftragte


Entwicklungstheorien, internationale Entwicklung, Macht und "Empowerment", soziale Bewegungen, partizipative Theorien und Ansätze, Menschenrechtsbasierte Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Gemeinwesenentwicklung, Praxis der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (Methoden und Ansätze).



- MES 3.2 Empowerment II: Social Movements and Community Development

​Betreuung Masterarbeit:

First/Second Reader of theses of the Master of Empowerment Studies. For inquiries, please, contact me at the university e-mail address.​

​Recent Publications:

​Knowledge partnerships for SDG 4: Bridge 47 and GCE in perspective. Silvana Longueira Matos, Talia Vela-Eiden. (2020) Revista Internacional de Comunicación y Desarrollo. p. 121-129. Knowledge partnerships for SDG 4​

Knowledge exchange partnerships on global citizenship education at Bridge 47 - Building Global Citizenship. Talia Vela-Eiden (2020). Sinérgias ED and Revista de Fomento Social. Knowledge Partnerships Sinérgias ED​, ​Knowledge Partnerships Revista de Fomento Social

DIálogo trinacional sobre el proyecto Bridge 47. Antonio Sianes, La Salete Coelho, Talia Vela-Eiden. (2020). Sinérgias ED and Revista de Fomento Social. Diálogo Revista Sinérgias EDRevista de Fomento Social

Learning from the grassroots: "Together we are much more than two". Talia Vela-Eiden. (2020) EADI Blog Debating Development Research. Learning from the grassroots

Global citizenship education in uncertain times​. Karen Hagelskaer, Talia Vela-Eiden. (2020) Bridge 47 Blog. ​Global Citizenship Education​