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MA Culture, Aesthetics, Media

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The master’s programme Culture, Aesthetics and Media teaches academic and design skills explored in further depth in the following sub-areas: physical education and experience, fine arts, music, literature and aesthetic practice as well as performative arts. You also learn how to handle (new) media professionally as a cross-disciplinary skill.
Alongside this in-depth practical experience, you acquire the necessary expertise – in an interdisciplinary and application-oriented way – to develop cultural, media and social science theories.
The programme promotes especially communicative, transcultural, intergenerational and creative skills as well as the ability for interlinked and interdisciplinary thinking.
Under professional supervision, you work independently in projects and teams to approach culture, aesthetics and media – and their interdependencies – in theory and practice. We explicitly encourage you to choose your individual specialisation within the programme.



This master's programme

  • qualifies you for an innovative area which is currently growing, both in society and the employment market,
  • concentrates the creative potentials to acquire new forms of expression,
  • combines holistic social, academic and creative competences,
  • gives you the opportunity for self-employment.

Special competences and topics:

  • fine arts
  • music
  • literature and aesthetic practice
  • body and performance
  • cultural studies
  • performative arts


Career Options

Generally, all professions in which cultural work is linked with social issues are open to graduates of this master’s programme. Especially relevant are professions which include development and planning, management and administration, research, advisory tasks and mediation in (socio)cultural and media contexts.
Possible professional fields are:

  • public (cultural) administration, cultural management
  • work in cultural and educational institutions
  • administration and management of social education and (socio)cultural facilities
  • independent cultural work
  • journalism, public relations and publishing
  • media engineering and new media
  • cultural education in social contexts, cultural pedagogy
  • work in research, academic career (doctoral studies)


Key facts


Language of 
​Mainly German
Degree​Master of Arts (MA)
Normal programme length3 semesters (full-time)
5 semesters (part-time)
Study programme begins​Winter semester *

​Find out how and when to apply:
Degree seeking students
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Allocation of places​Restricted admission **​
General admission requirements
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Special admission requirements1. Successful completion of a bachelor’s or Diplom programme in the field of social sciences or of a comparable, subject-related bachelor’s or Diplom programme at a higher education institution with an overall grade of 2.5 (‘good’ according to the German grading system) or better.
2. Proof of specific aptitude for the profile of the master’s programme​.
Application with a provisional grade*​​Possible
​Period abroad
​​Postgraduate study programmes at HSD e.g. doctoral studies
​Summary of key informationFlyer (PDF)

Information for international applicants

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*A provisional grade is the average grade of all your examination results available at the time of application. This is a temporary solution in case you do not have a final grade yet.

** The restricted admission is subject to approval by the Ministry for culture and academic affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW).