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The term ‘empowerment’ means the (re-)establishment of self-determined control over the circumstances of one’s own life and living environment. Individual empowerment competences and political resources of joint enforcement intertwine and are interdependent.

The profile of the social-scientific master’s programme Empowerment Studies is based on human rights and an understanding of political empowerment. The study programme combines a theoretical perspective and the analysis of social power structures with methods of political intervention.

Political empowerment leads to different analyses and political reactions depending on the social contexts. To respond to this broad field, the study programme addresses various approaches to political empowerment and provides the option to specialise in different areas.

Please note: The language of instruction is mainly German.


Career Options

The master’s programme Empowerment Studies is based on a human rights approach and critical reflection. It qualifies you for positions in Germany or abroad, which focus on
  • analysing problems of human coexistence,
  • developing solutions based on the empowerment concept and
  • influencing social change aiming for emancipation.
In addition, the degree qualifies you for doctoral studies and, thus, for an academic career.

Possible professional fields or employers include, for example:
  • community-oriented social work
  • sociopolitical organisations, such as trade unions or charities
  • international NGOs
  • organisations involved in development cooperation

Key facts


Language of 
​Mainly German
Degree​Master of Arts (MA)
Normal programme length3 semesters (full-time)
6 semesters (part-time)
Study programme begins​Winter semester
Application​Find out how and when to apply:
Degree seeking students
Exchange students
Allocation of places​Restricted admission **
General admission requirements
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Special admission requirements1. Successful completion of a bachelor’s or Diplom programme in the field of social sciences or of a comparable, subject-related bachelor’s or Diplom programme at a higher education institution with an overall grade of 2.5 (‘good’ according to the German grading system) or better.
2.​ Proof of specific aptitude for the profile of the master’s programme​
Application with a provisional grade*​​Possible
​Period abroad
​​Postgraduate study programmes at HSD e.g. doctoral studies
​Summary of key informationFlyer (PDF)

Information for international applicants ​Go to information for international applicants

*A provisional grade is the average grade of all your examination results available at the time of application. This is a temporary solution in case you do not have a final grade yet.

**The restricted admission is subject to approval by the Ministry for culture and academic affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW).