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Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften / Ausstellung, Druckgrafiken

Ausstellung Prof. M. Schleiner Minneapolis

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prof. Maria Schleiner stellt Druckgrafiken im ​Highpoint Center for Printmaking​ aus

Die Arbeiten von Maria Schleiner werden im Rahmen der Ausstellung „MADE IN GERMANY“, Prints by Nine Contemporary Artists, noch bis Ende Oktober 2015 in der Galerie des HIGHPOINT Centers for Printmaking, Minneapolis/MN, USA,  gezeigt. Die Ausstellung wurde kuratiert von Knut Willich, Fine Art Publisher,  ASPINWALL EDITIONS, New York.
Bei den von Maria Schleiner gezeigten Druckgrafiken handelt es sich um eine Serie von insgesamt ca. 13 Arbeiten mit dem Titel “flussabwärts treibend”, die im Sommer 2015 in den Druckwerkstätten der Kunstakademie Münster hergestellt wurden. Es sind Unikatdrucke („épreuve d’artist“) als Kaltnadelradierung von Kupferplatten in Mischtechnik mit Monotypie Verfahren hergestellt und auf Hahnemühle Kupferdruckpapier (350g) gedruckt.


​​​​Sequence of works „floating down the river“, 2015-08

In the sequence „floating down the river“ of all together seventeen colored prints the long rectangular form, where the vertical side measures twice as much as the horizontal side, is the unchanged element. The format (39,5 x 19,5 cm) was chosen because it opens up a wide range of possibilities to work with.
Different sized copperplates were used and in several proceedings combined with dry point and monotypes printed from copperplates. Drawings were scratched into mylar and cardboard forms and printed often in repetition and partly in mirror-inverted shapes onto the monotypes. So a flow of forms develops from the top of the image to the bottom in the light colors of the backgrounds. Some works are collages which were cut out after printing and mounted together.
During the month of June 2015 the works were designed and printed in a process where one result gives birth to the next idea. Only with the rule of the game set, not to question the format and to work with only a few established forms and some linear drawings which were repeatedly used.
Besides printing Maria Schleiner works in the field of drawing on paper and other materials often cut out and combined to installations partly with projections and video films.