Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften
Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

​Selbst Inszenierungen

On display are preparatory Arbieten for a performance. The image was taken out of focus.

Auf dem Boden eines Raumes wurde mit blauem Klebenand folgende Symbole bzw. Wortstücke geschreiben: ?! TOTA

You can see an open wallet. In the background is geschreiben : No dough without party.

You can see a pink stuffed animal pig that is on the back. In the background : My Content with an arrow pointing to the pig.

On display are various drug packaging . In the background is written: Important!

Geschreiben is : Keeps me alive.

The photo shows a young woman who sticks with adhesive structures on a wall.

You can see a corner that is full of scraps of paper . In the middle is a spray can.

You can see two young women to dress a space . The soil is covered with a transparent film . The walls covered with cloth .

On display are little men from geknäulten paper that were glued to his target. Among Mehere heads geknäultem paper can be seen.

You can see a person whose body is covered with cloths. In the background was blue tape stuck them structures of a house. In the house is a note with the text : I saw myself .

The photo shows a young man lying on the floor and reading a book . On the wall, a guitar was taped with duct tape .

You can see a sleeping man of bedding his head on a pile of gekäulten paper.

The photo shows a young woman lying on the side and facing one female paper doll . Symbolically, the young woman stretches out her hand towards the hand of the paper doll.